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The Curators

Our team of knowledgeable CBD enthusiasts have first-hand experience with this wonderful cannabinoid and can help you find the right product for your needs. Each product has been hand-selected by our team, so you’ll know exactly how they affect you and how they can be integrated into your lifestyle.

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The Mission

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive selection of quality-assured CBD products that compliment the diverse lifestyles and needs of our customers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the go and constantly traveling or you prefer relaxing in your own home. We have a CBD product that will work perfectly with your everyday routine. Get support with constant body pains or finally get the deep sleep you've been needing. Whatever problems you may be going through, there’s a CBD solution for it.

The Path to Wellness: Our Founder’s Story

When CBD’s Superstore’s founder Destini found that typical solutions for herself and her loved ones weren’t making the cut to address chronic pain and the stress of everyday 9-5 life, she began searching for answers. She’d always known about the benefits of cannabis, but she wanted to find a way to help her family and loved ones with similar creative solutions, without getting “high.” However, there weren’t enough dependable resources around that fully explained the benefits or offered a wide enough range of solutions for various ailments.


That’s when she decided to create CBD Superstore to provide just that for both her loved ones and others in need of CBD’s benefits across America. We research and ensure each product is third-party tested and provide insights to studies of their benefits so you know you’ll find something that’ll work for you. Here you can find just about any CBD product or brand, knowing you’re in the hands of a team of wellness enthusiasts that care for and understand you.


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To contribute to the science of CBD and the continual evolution of the ways in which CBD can be used

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To find the best products to offer from our store to bring the best CBD experience to each and every customer



To be a resource to our staff and customers on the science and benefits of CBD through our company

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To source products that compliment all lifestyles

Why Choose CBD Superstore?

Our family-owned business has dedicated itself to bringing you the best brands in the CBD industry. You’ll find our online store stocked with superior products that may keep your wallet full and your body in top shape. We aren’t just following the trends or offering what’s popular — we use most of the products we sell and have real experience with how they interact with the body.

You’ll find that each of our products are third-party tested to ensure potency and quality. You can check out their detailed information like which cannabinoids are in your product as well as which terpenes are included. If that’s not enough to get you interested, we offer free shipping on any item of any amount in the entire store. Find your favorite brands and start shopping today.

"I saw a problem in the market which was the lack thereof reputable resources that explain what CBD is and products that coincide with diverse interests and conditions."

Destini Moore

CEO & Founder

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