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Not getting enough sleep feels like a nightmare when you’re overwhelmed with the sheer variety of CBD tinctures online. CBD Superstore curated our Insomnia collection to help you win the battle against restless and interrupted sleep. The powerful combination of CBD plus melatonin can calm the mind and enhance relaxation to promote easier and more restful sleep. If you’re waking up throughout the night, having trouble falling asleep, or feel like your mind always races before bed, CBD may help alleviate those issues. Explore our dreamy line of premium CBD melatonin gummies and other hemp-based products to improve sleep.

Waking up when your alarm goes off & not before

Sleeping like a baby isn't only for babies.

Going into the new day with well rested eyes

Having the power to take over the world the next day

CBD Plus Melatonin Sleep Formulas

When sleep becomes elusive, you may need a little support to calm your mind or relax your aching muscles to drift off to dreamland. Our range of CBD plus melatonin formulas helps you personalize your wind-down routine. And our rigorous in-house and third-party testing ensure we offer the best CBD tinctures online for deeper rest and relaxation


Kiss your sleepless nights goodbye. Improving sleep with the power of plants is one of our favorite benefits of CBD. Our products include natural and organic options that help you rest more readily, without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Your One-Stop-Shop for CBD Sleep Aids

There’s no need to keep tossing and turning when you can start getting relief right away. At CBD Superstore, we’re ready and eager to help you find the most effective sleep remedies for your wellness goals. And when it comes to safety, you can rest easy. Each item in our Insomnia collection is hand-picked and tested once by us and again by third-party experts we trust. 

We are CBD enthusiasts who benefit from the natural healing properties of CBD in our everyday lives. Reach out today for answers to CBD questions so you can feel confident taking the steps you need to feel better.

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